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Cock Display with a Red Ribbon

When it comes to cock display, there are numerous ways to accomplish it. One of my favorite is to simply tie a red ribbon around it and walk around the house completely naked. You are sure to get some kind of attention if there is anyone else in the house with you that way. But there are times when you want to show your cock off in public and walking around naked isn’t going to be an option. That is when you need to take a look online for some sexy swimwear designs of which there are plenty to choose from.

I like to go with a micro suit when it comes to public cock display options. They are small enough so that you almost look like you are naked, but cover up enough to be allowed on almost any beach. They also give you the look that you have a rather massive cock even when you don’t. I have seen guys with rather tiny little cocks walking around in a micro that made them look like Mandingo. That is definitely a display that a lot of guys in the world would love to have I am sure.

These micros will work well as a cock display in the bedroom too but there are other items that will work better for that room. In fact, anything that has a built in cock ring will do wonders to show off that cock of yours. Just imagine what your partner will think when they see you walking around with a massive hard-on due to the cock ring attachment your thong has built into it. That is the type of display that I am constantly looking for whenever I am shopping online. Now I just have to find someone that appreciates looking at what I have on display and my life would be complete.

Cock Display Swimsuits

There will always be those men who enjoy cock display. By that, it means that these guys are so very proud of their members that they are quite certain that everyone else who sees them will be just as impressed as they are with their own cocks. It does not mean that the cocks are anything much to see. It simply means that this is the way they feel and they will do everything they can to put their cocks on display. One of the best ways to do this is through certain swimsuits that will allow their cocks to be seen by anyone who wants to look at them. Pouch swimsuits are very popular because they can be worn without being thrown off whatever beach they are on while still giving a huge hint as to what their cocks look like. Other swimsuits that these guys wear include micro bikinis, thongs and G-strings. Just look around you when you go to the beach. You will see at least a few of these guys.

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Cock Display Can Be Fun

Have you ever had even the tiniest desire to indulge in cock display? If you have, you are actually quite normal. Most men are, at some point in time, very proud of their family jewels and have a passing thought of showing those jewels to someone else. On the other hand, there are many guys who feel that their cocks are something that everyone wants to see. These men are the ones who usually get caught and arrested because they are behaving inappropriately by exposing their cocks to unsuspecting people. Then there are the men who show their cocks continuously and are never caught. This usually happens because they are more careful about the audiences they choose, or they have discovered ways to show off their cocks without anyone else seeing them other than their chosen marks. If the person who is targeted gives a bit of encouragement, that just makes everything perfect. The men can discreetly display their cocks to willing audiences and have a great time doing so.

Cock Display

There is this little thought lurking around in the back of a lot of male brains. That little thought may never reach the light of day for most men because it teases the idea of cock display. That’s right. Many men are ridiculously proud of their cocks and want the world to know. On the other hand, there is at least a small  percentage of these guys who actually do what they want in this regard. They find a captive audience and begin the display of their cocks. Nothing thrills them as this one act does. Of course, there are plenty of guys with this desire but due to all of the laws they might be breaking and other problems, they decide not to come out of the proverbial closet, Depending on a man’s situation, it would be a sad state of affairs if he could actually unleash that monster, yet he does not take that chance. Whatever you decide to do with your secret, you might want to at least try it out at home. You may feel highly empowered from doing something you really want.

Cock Display

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